Self-confident is something a lot of people are looking for. Sometimes people with self-confident, creating a self-confident picture with themselves that is not based on the reality, most of the time.

When I work with people and they tell me: “oh I just don’t have self-confident and this is my problem!”, I tell them: When you say self-confident, what do you mean? Self-confident? Confident? Self?

In Cambridge dictionary, ‘self’ stands for a set of someone’s characteristics, such as personality and ability, that is not physical and make that person different from other people.” My idea of self is that it’s another excuse to try to differentiate us from other people. 

We are all one. our mind is universal. Our machines are built in a similar way. So with this understanding, we can say that ’self’ is just a part of our ego. Some character we built And the focus should be on confident. 

Confident is not based on something like self-confident. Confident is based on the foundations we are building.

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Scaling our confident can be taken with 5 powerful steps:

  1. Clothing. This is a big boost for confidence. One of the big meaning of life-related to confident is to enjoy the beauty of it. Dressing nice, expressing your style radically will build your confident strong. No, you don’t need expensive clothing it’s just that feeling of radical expression.
  2. Questions. This is really important step while taking a pen and paper and writing all the things you love about yourself. then write all the things that are funny about yourself. Confident boosters. you can feel free the be creative.
  3. Winning. Setting small goals, achieving theme. It will impact the confident. Don’t try to shoot for very high goals, in order to become super confident. Confident will be created with the realization of those moments you win. even if it’s a micro win. micro win = confident scale.
  4. Eye Contact. For me its the alpha and the omega. Most people with low confident or self-confident has very weak eye contact. Getting yourself to high confident mode should be practiced by your eye contact. Practice on staring on powerful people you talk. on people that are randomly walking over the street. Always be willing to get into eye contact. It’s an immediate boost to your confidence. 
  5. Speech. Most people with low self and self-confident are expressing it in the way they talk. What you should practice is few things, talk slower, use facial expression. Use lower and higher tones when emphasizing something. You will feel your confident scaling with the vibrations of your words.

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