A few months ago, one of my friends asked me “Have you heard about the new policy of Solar energy?”, I was shocked nobody was talking about it

I figured, why not share it with others? In fact, why not show exactly, step by step, how I managed to save $2196 in one year?

So, that’s what I did.

Since 2016 there’s a new policy that your current energy provider doesn’t want you to know.
If you currently own a house, the government is giving thousands of dollars to help cover the cost of installing solar panels.
Also, by installing solar panels, you can reduce energy costs by 65% or more when you switch to solar energy.

I made a research.

I decided to do some investigation about it, and determine whether this new program lives up to its reputation.
After a couple of weeks, I was able to report on what I discovered: I managed to save $188.18 a month on my own energy bill.
I’m sure the power companies are not going to call to inform you about this program.

How does this program work?

Up to now, solar panels cost thousand of thousands of dollars to buy and install. Unless you were building a new home or had extra cash, the cost was more expensive than the benefit.
In addition, it was impossible for companies to offer rent or lease agreement because they would lose money.
Yet, the pricing for solar panels has lowered in the last 20 year, leaving solar panels affordable.

How did I check if I’m qualified?

I filled in this quiz and I discovered how much I could save. Also, you can click now on your state and check if you’re eligible for free.



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