The powerful woman is a really attractive thing. In the new age, we’re living being powerful is not something guys should take as intimidate.


Once upon a time, a powerful woman was something that the society tried to suppress. The primitive way of thinking was that a woman should stay home with the kids, and just be a housekeeper.

in all honesty, no matter what is your gender, you should find your self-fulfillment. We would touch 4 steps to become a powerful woman.

“A woman is the full circle. Within her, she is powerful to create, nurture and transform.” Diane Mariechild

So here are my 4 steps to becoming a real powerful woman:

Step 1: Be powerful confident with your body.

So many women have discomfort with how they look physically. It’s difficult to have become more comfortable with how you look, however, to create powerful confident with your body you should try to be focusing on what you do like with your body. Focus on your most loved parts and be proud of them, and the rest will follow. In any case, focus on what your body can do. Work from inside to outside.

Step 2: Become powerful by exercise.


Improving your health, energy, and mood level by staying in shape is a wonderful idea. Regular exercise can help you to prevent diseases, and become powerful on your daily tasks. Keeping the movement is healthy, and will lead for you to feel alert, aware and full of energy. Just remember to consult a professional before. In the beginning, keep it simple. You can go for a walk around the neighborhood jog, do yoga and pilates. Anything to keep the movement. 

Step 3: understand your health to stay powerful.

Get regular checkups with your doctor. Make sure you share with him any concern you have about your health. If you want to be a strong, powerful, and independent woman, you need to look on your own body. Listen to your body it’s smarter than you. What you need to understand is that diseases present differently between genders. As said in US Department of Health and Human Services, Although the symptoms may be similar, the effects of the condition and the care necessary can differ significantly for women. Furthermore, some of these conditions might affect women primarily or more severely than men. For example, almost 12% of women in the United States are at risk of developing breast cancer during their lifetime. Male breast cancer accounts for less than 1% of existing breast cancer cases.

Step 4: creating a powerful Career.

as a powerful woman, you should focus on creating a powerful career. This is fundamental for your independent. Hard work is really your best friend, and a big rule of your strength comes from striving for your future. Making your dreams come true will empower you so much from within. Women strengthening can only be achieved by becoming that woman who had to reach the top and continue to fuel dreams. Become that inspiration for other women, and prove there is no limit to your career success.

As a final point, keep a good job, be fearless, don’t be scared to fail and learn, you’re bound to be successful.

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