4 Effective Steps How To Stop Your Prejudice Habit

Prejudice is a common thing in our society. We tend to use it without control. It considered being something we have subconsciously, sometimes without our control.

To tell the truth, it could happen to anyone, it even happened to me several of times. I’m in general a very open-minded guy. But when I see someone new- I can prejudice him, without knowing.

The Prejudice Process

As was previously stated, the prejudice process we have in our mind is usually based on negative attitude toward a stranger. Commonly prejudice attitude includes:

  • misleading factors
  • negative sensations
  • judgmental approach
  • stereotyped beliefs

In all honesty, when we prejudicing other people we hurt only ourselves. because we don’t let someone, who can highly effect, or influence our life a real chance.

Prejudice is a human disease. It causes us to detach ourselves from the society, and make us take the choices of with whom to interact, based on wrong ideas.

How can you stop prejudice?

  1. Awareness of prejudice thoughts. Subconsciously, you will continue to prejudice. So what you should do to become aware when it happens? When those thoughts come you should remind yourself, “I’m judging now, let’s observe.” hence, you will make an effort to change the way you think.
  2. Interact with strangers. Once you understand the nature of prejudicing you should make an effort, everywhere you go, whenever you enter to new social situations- always try to look for the different people. Try to talk with the weirdos. Look for the people “you will never talk with”, maybe people from different religions. Try to break the automatics.
  3. Observe individually. We have a terrible habit, and its to generalize. When it happens to you, you have to make an effort to look at the person individually, listen what he got to say. He might surprise you with he’s clear wisdom.
  4. Volunteering. “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” – Winston Churchill. As a matter of fact, the best way to stop prejudice is to volunteer. more importantly, you will have the chance to know people you will never meet in your daily life.  With this intention, you will feel so good, and open your mind for who you meet.