4 Easy Steps For Writing Poetry, Becoming a Creative Poet

Writing poetry was one of my first writing habits. I remember myself as a child I was experiencing many emotional things, want to express them, and didn’t know how. Poetry was a good idea for me.

Back then, we didn’t have internet, if you couldn’t afford to buy books, you’re screwed. So I just learned from involving myself in this creative mindset and then start the journey…

To be in the making of writing poetry seems to be easy, but you have to develop a creative mind and learn poetry methods to back your work up.be creative and write every day its 4 step method

We are naturally creative human beings, it exists in anyone. To release this poet that is living inside your head takes practice, creativeness does not come by its own, you have to help it come out.

Writing poetry seems to be easy, but you have to develop a poetical creative mind.

so after all of that being said, my 4 easy steps for writing poetry:

Step 1: Poetry writing exercise.

Creatively, I strongly recommend to wake up in the morning, and fill an A4 page with all that comes up in your mind, letting go is the art of creative work and writing poet consider writing everything, emotions, thoughts, gratitude, just fill in the page. The focus is not on the content, but, let it all go. In the morning we are much more creative and have natural poetry skill. I strongly recommend writing evening pages too. Poetry by nature is light.

Step 2: Poet’s Inspire by conversation.

After doing the writing exercise, building your creative skill, and you’re opening up for writing world. The next thing to do is to have a diary next to you so you can capture the creative idea for the poetry. Its really simple, all you have to do is listen to random people or friends conversation. Don’t be involved in it, see the creative side, just listen to some crazy ideas, humans are a genius.

Step 3: The Imaginary purpose for poetry.

Try to describe your creative idea’s using the five senses: Smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound. it’s important in order to get to the depth of your creativeness, use every sense. Read out loud your poem, it will allow you to hear the structure of your poem, and the words you choose. Pay attention to each line of your poem flows in harmony rhythm, every word is a vibration. If some words are not synchronized, consider to change them.

Step 4: Poetry in reverse engineering.

The most important steps in any creative thinking, poetry writing, or any creative work is to reverse engineer. Really looking at what other poets that inspire you are doing. Try to follow poetry that you really love and passionate about. 5 reverse engineering strategies. It’s not from the competition perspective, but from the creative side of getting inspired by poets, learn their structure and create your own storytelling.


To summarize, I can tell you, there is going to be fear involved when writing your first poetry’s, could be, you think are not creative enough, or you’re doing it wrong.

Being creative is working on a muscle, it’s about doing, practicing, experiencing and being curious. The nice thing about creativity is the more you use it, the more you have it, you can’t use up your creativity!

Keep working, keep grinding, don’t stop. You are bound to be successful in writing poetry.

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