First Obstacle. The Ego.

In the society that we’re living, we have been told that you have to be assertive and strong to survive in this competitive world. From the beginning, they tell us: “be the best in school”, “be the first in class”.

By that, we can say that the ego is one of the dangerous things in the world. If you successful – your ego becomes bigger. If not – you suffer from failure, then your ego will cause a wound. Getting into meditation with the idea that failure is your destiny means – you will fail. 

The child comes to the world without any boundary, or idea who is he. You have to give him a name and tell him who is he. Then you create a picture of him. A fake picture. He never look’s inside himself to know who he is.

When the day comes and you will see that your identity was built by the ideas of others, most from your parents, some from your teacher’s, others from friends. Sit down quietly and think you will see that nothing came from you. just think about it. you built a character that came from the outside world. How can people tell you who you are if they don’t know who they are?

You can’t escape it, you have to go deep, you have to eliminate layers of layers of fake identity. you have to deal with the chaotic mode of seeing your true self. it will contain fear. you will have to confront your true self. Step by step you will see your individual. You will see your true self. as you are. that’s a state of bliss.

Second Obstacle. The Talking Mind.


The big trouble of meditating is that chatty mind we have. We can’t stay silent for one minute without using our mind to express ideas by using language methods. its structured in our nature. everything you see, immediately you put into words.

You see a flower, you express it with words. You see the sunrise, you express how beautiful is it. This habit is distrustful! it is limiting our perception.

When you walk you have to move your legs. But when you sit, you can let your legs relax. When you sing, you can use your voice, but when you don’t – you shut up. There is a need for language because it is our main tool to communicate and express emotions.

Meditation is not a technic. it’s a growth.  No, you don’t have to go against your nature or religion, You don’t have to learn how to control yourself, don’t have to try to stop your mind. Just observe. Whatever comes up. let it come up and see how it disappeared.

When practicing that, you will see a change come within yourself. a new perception. a new rhythm. Continue to observe, let your thoughts come & go. don’t try to influence your thoughts. just bless them. 

You will notice something really exciting, you will see Space. you will see endless thoughts come and go. but if you will notice there are spaces between, it will change your experience

When practicing consistent, you will see those spaces will go bigger and bigger until you could pass minutes without any thoughts. Pure silent. Undisturbed. Freedom.


Meditation: The First and Last Freedom by Osho

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